15 VR Games to Try in 2016

Virtual Reality Games in 2016

The VR device industry is expected to flourish this year and you will be seeing some amazingly advanced gadgets from the top makers of the world. Google is expected to launch its own device and then there are the market giants Oculus and HTC already standing firmly in their places.

It’s not just the devices. In fact, some really cool games are in the queue this year and we’re sure you will be eager to get your hands on them if you are a gaming geek. Without wasting any more time, we take you straight to some of the most anticipated VR games this year.

  1. Elite: Dangerous

This game is also available on HTC Vive and it is the biggest space simulation in the history with more than 400 billion star systems out of which, 150,000 are based on real astronomical data.

  1. The Climb

This game will test your stamina as this is a classical virtual climbing game. It integrates Oculus Touch Support takes you much closer to real life climbing experience which is currently not an option with gamepads.

  1. EVE: Valkyrie

This is a great dog fighting game. Each round starts with you sitting in your fighter plane. The gaming experience in the multiplayer mode is just too good to ignore.

  1. Adr1ft

You are a lone survivor on a space station stranded. You might feel vulnerable and alone thanks to the amazing VR features of this game.

  1. Farlands

You play as a scientist in this game. Exploring a totally strange planet, you will encounter some incredible creatures during your journey. It is quite an addictive game and you might never want to end exploring.

  1. #Selfie Tennis

It’s not like the other tennis games where you can bore yourself to a great extent. Quite crazy as it may seem, you will be playing yourself in this game. One of the objectives of the game is to play the longest rallies but you can continue to take selfies during the process as well.

  1. Project Arena

While playing against another human in this game, you will realize that Project Arena is an incredible advancement in the world of virtual gaming. It has HTC’s Viva control so you can imagine the level of precision and quality.

  1. The Lab

This is a combo of games involving arcade shooting games and many other mini games. Some amazing gaming features are up for grabs through The Lab this summer.

  1. Job Simulator

It may sound a bit dull as you play as a worker here. However, it’s going to be a totally different experience through HTC Vive’s controllers.

  1. RIGS Mechanized Combat League

You sit in the cockpit of some amazingly advanced robots in this shooting game. It’s seriously worth giving a try.

  1. Drive Club

Sony developed this game and it is said that the launch took some time. However, the finished product is still in the demo version and if it goes well, it is expected to take the center stage.

  1. Tekken 7

Continuing the 20-year legacy, Tekken 7 has some more updated and advanced VR gaming features that take you into the fighting world.

  1. Gunjack

This game is set in the EVE universe. Don’t confuse it with Valkyrie because it’s different in a lot of ways. You are a starship gunner in this game and have to battle out the enemies who are determined by their color.

  1. Land’s End

You have to solve landscape puzzles just through your gaze. This intriguing game can keep you at your seat for hours.

  1. REZ Infinite

This game runs super smooth. The game is highly anticipated mainly because not much has been disclosed about it. However, the build up for the game suggests that something big is about to launch.

What are some of your favorite games?


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