5 Awesome features you can expect in Google’s upcoming Android VR headset

Google VR Features

Virtual reality is the way to go now and the focus has greatly shifted to this modern technology. While Sony, Samsung lurk at the entry level, it’s HTC and Oculus who have taken giant strides and are considered as the experts of VR devices right now.

How can Google ever stay behind in the race? It doesn’t come as a surprise that Google will be soon announcing its own VR headsets and it is expected to happen pretty soon. Like most other Google products, it is expected to take the center stage and bring more quality and cost affordability to common users.

Some Great Features to Expect via Daydream and Google VR

Just as Google announces its VR headsets, we try to get into the mix of things and see what might be on offer with the VR headsets. Here are some innovative features you can expect in Google’s Android VR headset.

  1. Motion Controls

Google’s standalone VR headset is expected to have not only gamepad motion controls but also tracked controls for hand gestures. Hence, it gives a much more real life experience to the players.

However, it will face tough competition as Oculus Vive controllers and Touch sensors are extremely efficient. The headset would need far better accuracy and precision along with friendly ergonomics to keep the customers interested.

We are also expecting to see the Tilt brush in these VR headsets as it is something Google bought a few years back and hasn’t really put to great use just yet.

  1. Powerful Yet Balanced

Now there is a reason why gamers prefer tower PCs than mobile devices for better gaming. Gaming devices work better with greater power and therefore, Google will have to come up with something that fits both needs.

If it designs something too light and small, you can expect the battery to be smaller and hence, it won’t be as powerful as it should be. So we are thinking that Google must have given a good thought to it and the design will be a good balance between power and feasibility.

  1. Better Games

Quite certainly, Google will have to take into the loop the top game developers to compete in the market. It is probably a high uncertainty what the Games would look like but we can expect them to be announced soon if Google has to start shipping in the near future.

  1. Position Tracking

One of the modern features integrated into most mobile VR headsets is position tracking. Quite certainly, Google VR headsets will have the GPS or whatsoever positioning system as efficient as the other top brands. Now most position tracking systems can track your head movement but spatial tracking is what we are looking for.

We might expect high-end positional tracking in the Google VR headsets as it will be able to track your leaning, bending, and crouching, etc.

  1. Cost

With all the above-mentioned features, it is still important that Google stays within $800. Anything in excess can be too costly even with all these amazing features. According to our studies, anything below $400 is going to be the perfect spot.

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  1. Eddy Williams | July 10, 2016 at 6:47 pm | Reply

    This VR looks really good. Can i also use any other VR device instead of cardboard? I am new to virtual reality

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