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The VRhappening audience is*:

Male: 60% male
Affluent: 45% make $70k per year or more
In the Business: 46% work in a tech company

Geography: 78% are based in US and Europe
Social: 71% use social media for business; 56% find VRhappening content through social media channels
We offer the following monthly display advertising opportunities**:

  • Premium Leaderboard (728×90): Shown prominently above the content of every article, just below the headline.
  • Premium Sidebar (300×250 / 300×600 / 300×1050): Shown at the top of the sidebar on all pages. Strategically placed for maximum visibility and results.
  • Standard Sidebar (300×250): Shown at the bottom of the sidebar on all pages. Sticks to the page so it doesn’t disappear when users scroll by.We offer the following one-off native advertising opportunities:

Sponsored Post: Publish a permanent article on VRhappening right alongside the rest of our excellent editorial content.
Giveaway: Give away your product or company swag on VRhappening. Includes a giveaway post with your logo, a brief explanation, and a variety of ways to enter.
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*Audience survey

**Requires a $325 minimum budget for consideration.

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