5 Must-See VR Experiences For the Samsung Gear VR

5 Must See VR Experiences for Gear VR

So, you finally gave in and got yourself the new toy or maybe you were lucky to get a free headset when you upgraded your phone. Either way, Congratulations! Now you have transformed yourself into a believer of Virtual Reality.

The next step is to proselytize the other members of your tribe! In order to show off the best GearVR experiences, here are some of the Must-See experiences to show then so that they can believe in the power of this technology.

These are chosen based on the existing capabilities of Gear VR and we are sure there are many other titles that are out there which are equally moving.

Oculus Video

This is definitely a place to check out. The cinema room in Oculus can instantly transform a noobie to a believer. You put on the Gear VR and you are transported to a 20 feet screen in front of you and yes, you get the middle seat in the theatre. Users can choose their theater, ranging from a standard one to a simulated home theater to an IMAX-sized screen, which appears large but is actually being simulated on a piece of glass that fits in your palm.


Jurassic App

It goes without saying that this App has converted many non believers into instant fans of virtual Reality . Yes, we know, only one dinosaur and not a T-rex but the app really does provide you with the experiencing the presence. Some of you may have tried it on the cardboard, but the GearVR takes it to a new level.


Evolution of VRSE

This collection of work from Chris Milk is a must see. Featured at the 2015 Sundance film festival, the evolution of VRSE provides the viewer with a very transformative experience. This actually shows the power of story telling that VR can bring to the table. This is available through the VRSE application.


SONAR 3D 360

Sound is an essential element of the true VR experience. This is probably one of the best science fiction VR shorts that have been made in the last two years. Make sure to download the 360 sound version for a true VR Experience. Drifting down a corridor towards the Space craft in the first part of the feature can be totally mind blowing experience for someone who has not tried VR.


Ocean Rift

The demo edition is pretty good, especially for folks that have always loved the mysteries of under water life. This one also has a very calming effect to say the least. As you swim around with the sea turtles and dolphins etc, you are transported into a different place. The Great White segment is a must see in this piece!

To each to his own. There are tones of great material out there to be experienced in Gear VR. We have listed just a few that have developed a fan following. What are some of your favorite ones so far?

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